How Bees add value to your life...

Honey bees are critical to the growth of our plant nation and are necessary for the sustainability of our modern food system. Our buzzing friends are responsible for pollinating about one-sixth of the seven flowering plant species worldwide and approximately 400 different agricultural types of plant. The pollinating services provided by bees are thus invaluable. Not only do bees add a positive impact on our plant and food environment, these hard working little creature through their laborious work ethic now also allow us to earn money of their production of honey.

Simply put, the more we all work together to look after our little buzzing friends, the more these bees will continue to cross pollinate and return to their hives to churn more honey, which in your case would be to turn more money.

The busier a bee, the busier the hive, the larger the production of honey which means the more propensity to sell honey.

How does Global Honey Exchange add value to your life?

Global Honey Exchange was created in order to bring together multiple bee keepers and create a truly South African brand with 7 variants to supply the retail (bottles), hospitality (drums) and restaurant industry (sachets).

By harnessing and supporting a network of South African beekeepers we can help supply the demand and create a brand of only non-irradiated, locally produced honey. Founded by Brian Bouwer in 2003, Bouwercorp is an organization focused on bringing innovative products and solutions to the market and to clients. The company’s market focus includes recycling, waste management, transport, technology, software, manufacturing, farming, aquaculture, housing, and other diverse food and beverage products and solutions.

Whether you are a beekeeper or a lover of honey, you have come to the right place to earn money from your financial investment – click here and get in touch with us today.

Our Relationship with FedGroup

Impact Farming is an alternative income generator. Instead of investing in companies or bonds, you, as an Impact Farmer, own the physical asset that produces your income. In this instance you own the beehive and the swarm of bees that you purchase on our platform, as well as all the honey and wax that they produce. The beehives are housed on the farms of one of our accredited bee farmers. We take care of the insurance and maintenance of your beehives, as well as the harvest and sale of your honey, all included in your purchase price. You then earn an income twice a year after the spring and summer harvests from the sale of your honey. Click here now to invest today.